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The Cost of Automation

The temptation for businesses to use automated answering machines or voicemail services is understandable. There’s money to be saved with automation, and it could mean that your business can take calls round the clock and deal with them at your convenience. However, is this what your customers want? Continue reading

Can you afford a receptionist?

Whether you are running a busy bricks and mortar office or a small business from your front room a receptionist is essential for the smooth running of your business. A receptionist will not only take away a great deal of the stress of running a business away from you but will also ensure the professional appearance of your company. But can you afford a receptionist?

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What’s in a call?

From self-service checkouts to motorised window blinds, we live in an age where convenience is key. People want to get things done quickly, and more importantly, with minimal effort. This is particularly noticeable within the world of business, where more and and more companies are using the internet to optimise their marketing efforts. Whereas a decade or so ago contacting a company meant either phoning them or sending a letter, the rise of email and social media means that’s no longer the case. To put it in perspective, the average office worker receives roughly 121 emails every day. In today’s fast-paced business climate, it isn’t difficult to see why some companies rely so heavily on it. For instance, being able to respond to emails on busy trains or during meetings could save you time. Continue reading

How a Virtual Receptionist Could Improve Your Business

There are lots of reasons why a business might choose to use a virtual receptionist. Often the primary reason will be cost saving. Many small businesses often do not have the in-house resources available to take high volumes of calls. Unfortunately this can lead to dissatisfied customers, potential clients and sales being lost and unnecessary strain on your business.

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