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8 Ways to Keep Your Cool with a Disgruntled Caller

At Message Direct, we specialise in telephone-based interactions with customers. Most of these interactions are rewarding and decidedly positive, but the need to deal with the occasional disgruntled caller is inevitable. But even if the caller you’re currently serving is having a particularly bad day, there’s no reason that you as the customer service representative can’t turn the situation around and end it on a positive note.
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5 Elements of Any Successful Customer Service Initiative

Your company’s customer service initiative is of critical importance. It likely provides the only means of direct communication between your customer base and the company. Even so, many small businesses underestimate just how important it is that they have clearly defined customer-service protocol in place.

At Message Direct, virtually every product and service that we provide has a strong customer service component. When we’re not offering customer service on behalf of our clients, we’re providing it to them directly. To that end, we think it’s safe to say that we’re experts in the art of successful customer service.
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How To Improve Inbound Agent Performance

Anyone who has worked as inbound call staff – from secretaries and PAs to customer service advisors – understands that nerves can sometimes play a part. Faced with an angry customer or a difficult demand, occasionally people will panic and make mistakes.

This can be especially true of new recruits who may be in their very first inbound job. However, combining a few helpful performance boosters with the proper training is a great way for managers and more experienced staff to help their less experienced colleagues improve.
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What Is SPIN Selling And How Can This Method Be Used In Outbound Sales?

The outbound sales industry has many different disciplines and techniques which are designed at maximizing the potential of your team. In this article we will look at a particular method known as SPIN selling. First we will break down the traditional basic structure of a sales call, before defining the SPIN selling method and explaining where it fits in with the traditional structure of outbound sales calls.
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