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Save Money with a No Obligation Trial

If you have been considering trying a telephone answering service but you are not really sure how much benefit your company will derive from such a move, the cost of setting up a new service may well have discouraged you from investigating the matter any further. However, at Message Direct we have the perfect solution for company owners and directors who find themselves in this position: a no obligation trial with your setup fees refunded in full should you not be absolutely delighted with the service you receive.
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Handling a Product Recall Effectively

No company likes to be in a position where they are forced to issue a mass recall for one of their products but in the event that your company should ever have to deal with such a situation, it is vital to handle the procedure quickly and efficiently. By doing so, you can not only address the problem with the product in question as fast as possible, you can also minimise any bad publicity that may arise from the recall. In fact, when handled correctly, a product recall can actually be turned to your advantage and used to generate positive publicity.
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11 Times When You’ll Wish You’d Arranged a Call-Handling Service

Most companies field at least a portion of their phone calls in-house – regardless of whether or not they have a dedicated receptionist. There are, however, certain situations in which there is really no other way to handle the volume of incoming calls.

In this post, we’re going to take a close look at 11 distinct situations in which you (and your team) will be grateful that you had the presence of mind to set up an overflow call handling service:
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Should You Allow Your Staff Work From Home?

Every business owner knows the importance of keeping staff happy. Those employees who start work with a smile on their face are simply more productive, and they create a much better impression when people call or visit. You no doubt will have read stories about large companies such as Google using gimmicks from putting pool tables in the staff room, to free food, but most businesses don’t have the budget for big gestures. Continue reading

How To Co-ordinate Time Off Over The Summer Holidays

It’s the time of year every employer dreads. The ice on the ground starts to melt, the holiday adverts start on TV, and suddenly every member of staff is making plans for the summer. While you want to offer them a week or two off to enjoy some sunshine, it’s not always possible to honour all requests. After all, if you have lots of parents working in one department, all wanting to take time off during the six week window, saying yes to everyone would leave your department in chaos. So how do you keep things running over the long summer break and bank holidays, without having to turn down requests and upset staff?
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Is Your Company Prepared For An Emergency Situation?

Nobody can predict when an emergency situation might arise, but when you go to work in the morning you simply don’t know what’s going to happen that day. While there’s no point in being anxious about things that can go wrong, it is essential to have plans in place should an emergency situation arise. This gives you real peace of mind, and helps with all sorts of things, from staff safety to business continuity. From evacuating people to getting your network back online, it’s important to get a step by step plan in place in case of a catastrophe, so here are a few things to think about.
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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Time At Work

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work, and despite more flexible working patterns being available, many of us still spend the hours of nine to five at our desks. While most days are productive enough, you might be wondering how to get more done with your day, without having to stay on for overtime. However, it’s often possible to make a few changes to the way you work, and to get more done in a shorter amount of time. This allows you to have a better work/life balance, and to enjoy some breathing room in your work, ensuring you’re free when emergencies pop up.
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