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Understanding the Rise in Outsourcing

In the past 40 years, companies have strived to cope with increased competition in all sectors and this extra pressure has led to management structures often ballooning out of control. One of the best ways to manage the constant pressure placed on businesses in the modern world – where competitiveness has become the norm – is to outsource various job roles within a business. These tend to be non-core jobs such as running a reception, cleaning, maintenance, catering, call handling and IT services and with someone else handling these responsibilities, companies are free to focus on their primary functions.
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How Important Is It That Your Employees Enjoy Their Work?

Anyone who has managed a team of office employees knows just how important workplace morale is in the grand scheme of things. When the general atmosphere is upbeat and positive, more work seems to get done, more deadlines and – hopefully – more sales closed.

But when morale takes a turn for the worse, those previously positive trends are likely to follow suit. Plenty of research – some of which is admittedly reported (and therefore anecdotal) rather than recorded – indicates that low workplace morale ends up costing businesses plenty.
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Will robots answer your phones in the near future?

This has been a bumper year for robots and artificial intelligence in the news. A quick scan of the major headlines during 2015 reveals a host of new developments in the fields of AI and automation, and it isn’t all good news. To give you a taste of how sensationally dismal the outlook is, have a look of the following headlines – all of which were published in 2015:

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Scaling up During Peak Periods

During peak periods of sales and growth, small business owners can be forgiven for not being sure exactly how they can be expected to keep up. But when major shopping seasons such as the holidays are in full swing, the last thing you want to do miss out on a potential spike in sales. With that in mind, we’re going to offer a few tips on preparing your start-up or SME for the next big rush:
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Stay Prepared for Unexpected Sick Leave This Winter

With winter settling in, many UK businesses are wisely preparing to find themselves operating with a skeleton crew due to the sick leave they’re expecting their staff to take over the next few months. If you haven’t yet started to look for strategies that enable you to keep your operations smoothly in motion when understaffed, it’s about time you did. Here’s some solid advice to help you weather the winter months.
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Evaluating Your Receptionist’s Workplace and Call Answering Performance

Receptionists do so much more than answer phones and greet clients, especially in small business organisations where they tend to take on a broad range of duties. A receptionist in any small business organisation is therefore one of the most important members of staff, for not only do they perform a wide variety of tasks, but they’re also responsible for making a great first impression upon the organisation’s clients.

As their performance in the workplace is so important, it’s essential that all business organisations have a rubric through which their receptionist’s performance can be evaluated to identify which aspects of their performance can be improved upon.
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Successfully Managing Your Leads Database

To turn sales leads into actual revenue, it’s essential that you manage your leads database effectively. And with so much data to sift through, sort out, prioritise and keep track of, it can prove quite a mission getting a sales database in order and managing it successfully, but that all depends on how you go about managing it.

By using existing tools, like email, in new ways and by using one or more of the many sales apps on the market, you’ll find that you can easily get your collection of sales leads organised, determine which are worth pursuing and which should be thrown in the bin, and keep better track of the qualified leads on a regular basis.
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Sharpen Your Phone Skills: Listening

Listening is a major part of the act of verbal communication, in fact, it’s no less than 50 percent of the act. This means that if your listening skills aren’t what they should be, it’s safe to say that your verbal communication skills aren’t what they should be.

However, did you know that 93 percent of communication isn’t verbal? According to the famous study by Dr Albert Mehabrian, “the total impact of a message is based on: 7% words used; 38% tone of voice, volume, rate of speech, vocal pitch; 55% facial expressions, hand gestures, postures and other forms of body language.”
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How to Provide Better Social Customer Service

It seems that every business has a Facebook page nowadays and many have taken to Twitter with enthusiasm. Some may also be utilising Instagram, along with a scattering of the smaller social media platforms that are available today. That social media is an important marketing tool is not in question as far as the vast majority of businesses are concerned but what some have so far failed to recognise is the huge opportunity for communicating more effectively with customers that these platforms provide, along with the possibility for creating a thriving community of enthusiastic followers that they offer.

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