Monthly Archives: July 2015

Meet Your Virtual Receptionist: Catherine

Meet Catherine, one of the longest-serving virtual receptionists at Message Direct. She has been with us for several years, during which time we have seen her delight our clients over and again with her professionalism and gift for clear and concise communication. Honestly, without reliable receptionists like Catherine, we wouldn’t have such a long list of satisfied clients. Continue reading

What’s the Real Cost of a New-Hire?

Finding yourself in need of a new-hire is generally a good sign as it indicates that your business is developing and expanding, and that your products and/or services are in demand. But recruitment is hardly an area of transparency. There are many hidden costs lurking beneath the surface, costs which tend to quickly add up, and may have the effect of threatening the financial stability you have worked hard to achieve. Continue reading

Help! The Phones Aren’t Ringing

Probably the only thing that business owners the world over dread more than not being able to deal with the volume of calls they receive every day is not receiving any calls at all. The idea of potential customers hanging up because their calls are not being answered in a timely manner is bad enough but at least there are a number of simple, cost effective solutions to this problem. Silent phones, on the other hand, are a completely different problem and one that is not so easily solved. Continue reading

Managing Workloads During the Holiday Season

One of the most difficult balancing acts with which companies of all sizes are faced is managing workloads during that time of year when every employees’ thoughts turn to lazy days on sun soaked beaches. Staggering holidays helps to a certain extent but if you have a large number of employees with school-age children, it really isn’t fair to ask them to take their holiday long after the new school year has already begun. Most companies find that they simply have to make do and get by as best they can during those annual six weeks in which the majority of their workers are keen to make holiday plans. Continue reading

May I Just Talk to a Real Person, Please?

The explosive growth in the popularity of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) call handling software in the 21st century caught many companies by surprise and the only question they asked at the time was how quickly they could start to use the same technology. As many are only now discovering, failure to stop and ask whether they should adopt IVR technology rather than just why, was an omission that can have serious ramifications for a company’s bottom line. Continue reading