Monthly Archives: June 2015

How to Generate Telephone Leads in the Internet Age

Most people reading this blog already know what a sales lead is; but we’ll go over the main points just to be clear. A lead is, quite simply, contact information through which you can get in touch with a person who may or may not be interested in buying your product or taking advantage of your service. By calling, e-mailing or direct-mailing this person, you are figuratively knocking on doors in the hopes of generating a sale. Continue reading

Does your phone voice sound trustworthy?

When we think of our voices and how we sound we naturally assume that we sound trustworthy and upright. But research into the subject casts our voices, and therefore ourselves and the manner in which we are seen by those we interact with, in a very different light and has had the effect of making many people question the impression of themselves that they are actually conveying over the phone. Continue reading

Customer service: A lost art?

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned customer service? Many lament the ‘good old days’ when customers were treated with appreciation and respect, and proprietors seemed to possess an inherent yearning, an ingrained desire, to exceed the expectations of their valued customers. What’s happened to those days of old? Continue reading