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How to Take Better Telephone Messages

Answering the telephone for you

If you work in an office then, at some stage in your career, you will relate to this ‘left holding the baby’ scenario.

Someone calls your number by mistake instead of ‘Patrick in accounts,’ or a colleague is off sick; away from their desk, goes on holiday or attends a funeral. Whatever the reason, you’re allocated their desk phone to answer should it ring. Inevitably, it does. Continue reading

Best Practice In Sales And Marketing

Best Practices In Sales & Marketing In business, ‘best practice’ is a means of finding and using the best methods of working to achieve certain goals. It involves monitoring the ways the ways in which other successful businesses operate, and then trialling their methods on your own business model. The most successful methods are known as your business’ ‘best practices.’

A best practice strategy can help a business do a number of things, such as increase sales, gain new customers, stay competitive, improve workforce skills and improve overall business quality. Continue reading

4 Time Management Tips

Tips For Time Management

Whether we’re at home or at work, many of us will agree that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. At work, managing your time effectively is very important, particularly when you have pressing deadlines to meet.

Time management means having control over the amount of time you spend on particular activities, so you are able to work more productively and effectively. If you are struggling to manage your time at work, here are a few tips: Continue reading