Monthly Archives: June 2014

Things To Consider When Handing Over Your Work Before A Holiday

Summer is finally here, which means many of us will be counting down the days till we jet off on holiday. Regardless of how long your break is – be it a long weekend or a couple of weeks – it’s important that you carry out a detailed handover at work before you leave. If you don’t, you’ll spend your holiday dreading your return to work.
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5 Tips To Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

You may be trying to ‘go green’ in your personal life, but are you doing the same in your office? It is a well-known fact that customers are increasingly looking for companies with good eco credentials. So, as well as helping the environment, going green is also great news for businesses too. But where do you start? Here are a few simple tips to help your office become more eco-friendly.
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