10 Ways Business Owners Can Have a Better Christmas

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When you’re a business owner, it‘s sometimes hard to really switch off at Christmas. With Message Direct answering your business-critical calls over Christmas, here’s the top 10 things you can do to enjoy Christmas while we sort out your January priorities.

1) Switch off at Christmas

This Christmas, it could be really beneficial for your business to have a dedicated telephone answering service in place. We can answer your telephone calls as if it were a normal working day and, if your business demands longer hours, we can provide 24/7 support.

Qualified, detailed outputs can be logged for action when you return to work or even sent as SMS text messages, emails (or even faxes) to a nominated staff member to prioritise and action only if strictly necessary.

2) Make Festive Decorations

This year, why not use your extra time to push the boat out with the Christmas decorations? Especially if you have kids, you’ll enjoy making paper chains, crackers and wreaths; hanging mistletoe and pinning up Christmas cards. Have a holly jolly Christmas and make it one that your loved ones won’t forget.

3) Help with Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be daunting, especially if you’re hosting a large number of family and friends. Why not help your partner by using your extra time to ensure you’ve bought all the presents, food and drink that your Christmas requires.

4) Do Something Charitable

Whether it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen or simply dropping in at an old friend’s, one of the nicest Christmas feelings is altruism — something done simply to make someone else feel good. Few of us get much time for it, but remembering someone at Christmas can give both you and them an immensely rewarding feeling.

5) Go to Midnight Mass

Yes Christmas is a Christian festival, but it’s celebrated culturally by a large number of non-Christian people worldwide because the message of peace and goodwill is universal. That means you don’t have to be Christian, or even religious, to attend a wonderfully atmospheric midnight mass. You can even drop in after last orders to take your moment to reflect. Jesus loved a glass of wine, after all.

6) Play Santa

If you’ve got kids, you’d never miss delivering their presents while they sleep, but don’t forget to put out Rudolph’s carrot and a cookie for the big man. If you’re prepared to hoover or have wooden floors, you could even tread ash through the house. It’s a very convincing touch!

7) Cook the Turkey

A large turkey can take hours to fully cook, especially if gas pressures are lowered because of high demand so be prepared to get up early to get that bird in the oven. Do the cooking calculations as a guide, of course, but a meat thermometer is an invaluable tool on the big day to ensure it’s cooked through.

8) Give your Gifts

Is there anything better than the look on a loved one’s face when they unwrap your present and you can tell that you got it right? Use your newfound peace of mind to savor every moment or, even better, film it on a smartphone or camcorder. Memories are precious.

9) Get Drunk!

Memories are precious…but there’s something about this one day in a year, where you can switch off from daily responsibilities, that really lends itself to a tipple. Whether it’s a brandy-drenched Christmas pudding, a small dry cherry ‘for medicinal purposes’ or you want to spend the whole day with a glass of wine in hand — a little alcohol helps digestion, adds hilarity to board games and the Queen’s speech alike; may accentuate any little family tiffs and finally send you into a snoozy state of comatose to sleep it all off by the fire.

10) Check Your Telephone Answering Service

Message Direct ensures your messages are taken by a virtual receptionist, someone who has been trained to a high standard and fully briefed about your business.  To understand exactly how Message Direct can help keep your business working over Christmas, either read our FAQ page or call us on: 01202 653001.

From all of us at Message Direct, have a very Merry Christmas!

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