10 Tips for Answering the phone professionally

Amongst a growing range of channels in which a customer can reach a business, phone calls still matter.
Answering the phone in a professional manner is important to the image of a company. It can play a key factor in a customer’s purchase decisions and should lie at the heart of a business’s service strategy. It’s therefore important to get right

Here are 10 tips for answering phone calls in a professional manner:

1. Answer the phone quickly. Leaving the caller waiting can be frustrating and can get the conversation off to a bad start.
2. The first few seconds count, answer confidently.
3. Be polite and friendly to make a good impression.
4. Smile when you pick up the phone. This can really help you sound warm and enthusiastic.
5.Identify yourself as well as the other person. This will help to clarify that they have called the right number, and who they wish to speak to. It’s best to introduce the business and yourself when you answer. For example “Good morning. This is (business name). You’re speaking to (your name). How may I help you?”
6. Speak clearly. You want the recipient to be able to understand everything that is being said without any confusion, in the most professional manner. When you answer the phone you are representing the company.
7. Stay positive. If you find yourself faced with a question you don’t know the answer to, tell them that you can find the answer they need. Avoid any negative language.
8. Need to call them back? Tell them when and check that this is a good time for them.
9. If the call is specifically for another person, tell the caller that you can check if they are available, and transfer them quickly. If the right person isn’t available, it’s worth taking a message to pass on at a later time.
10. Learn how to answer the phone systems smoothly. A failed transfer can cause accidental hang ups which can be frustrating for the other person. Arrange a professional answerphone system in case their call cannot be taken and make sure it is returned.

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